What is Unschooling? Q&A with Jennifer McGrail of The Path Less Taken

So often we see Unschooling misrepresented. There is no membership card and yes, you can do whatever you want with your own children. This is not for you.

Unschooling Q&A with Jennifer McGrail of The Path Less Taken

This is for people who are seeking the Unschooling life- for those who want to learn the  mindset and how it works in everyday life. Some get frustrated off the bat because there is no quick answer to explain how Unschooling works. It is a process- one that we are fortunate to have guides and mentors to generously guide us through.

I personally have learned that who we listen to matters- it determines what our relationship with our children will look like. If we listen to people who are superficial and do not really understand Unschooling, we are missing out on what we are looking for.

After years of learning and exploring Unschooling these are the resources I recommend (and all that they recommend if you follow their links). For me, anyone else is a waste of my time, disconnects me from my kids, and will not get me to the place I am going.

BONUS: Not only do these folks guide us toward Unschooling- the personal change that comes from the process like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I suspect it is like nothing else out there.

Below you will find the recorded unschooling Q&A. Here are some additional resources for those who want to learn more (click the links to access their site):

Sandra Dodd

Joyce Fetteroll

Jennifer McGrail

Pam Laricchia

These names will lead you to other solid names, I’m just not sure that they have websites to connect to.

Here is the recording with Jennifer McGrail:

Here is the audio only: