Unschooling Chat: Questions and Answers that Can Help Us All

Unschooling Chat with Jennifer McGrail of The Path Less Taken

Unschooling Chat with Jennifer McGrail of The Path Less Taken

Jennifer McGrail of The Path Less Taken is an Unschooling mom to 4 children ages 8 to 19. She was a mentor for me transitioning to Unschooling long before she knew me and has done wonderful things for my family.

For those of us wanting to get deeper into Unschooling, who we listen to matters. I have only found a few people who are really able to help me get there, and Jen is one of them.

I am so grateful to her for taking time out of her life to help so many of us in so many ways, and specifically for taking an hour out of her night to chat with us.  Here is the recording (audio only right below):



Jen and I would like to have these chats regularly, so please let us know in the comments here or on YouTube what questions you would like answered!

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