A Weekend in Steamboat Springs Colorado in Pictures

Last weekend we took our first drive into the Rocky Mountains.  We have admired them from afar since moving to Colorado a few weeks ago- driving through them though, was a different thing entirely. We exited a tunnel that acts as the gateway to the Rockies, to find this:  Initially, my husband Kris and I […]

Rocky Mountain Storm in Pictures

Recently, I experienced weather that stirred me.  The day started out as another beautiful and sun filled Colorado Sunday. Quickly though, the skies changed.  We could see the clouds and snow moving in over the mountains: Within minutes, we were enveloped in snow clouds, and it fell from the sky.  It was such a unique […]

Denver, Snow, New England, Surf Wordless Wednesday

We loved seeing Denver for the first time- especially while looking so sparkly and festive. We returned to the east coast and our familiar surroundings. And more familiar yet, both to our eyes and to our bones. The state to which we will return, though not to the charm of this particular town.     […]

Desert Landscapes

Life in the desert… I love the surprising contrast of land and the sky, and how the air changes before a storm. The grays are deep, the blues go on forever, and the browns sooth my soul unexpectedly. I never expected to find beauty and introspection in the desert, but it grows deeper with each […]

Plane, Sky, Movie: Wordless Wednesday in Instagrams

This week, in Instagrams (have I told you how much I love Instagram?!) Come follow along by clicking on that icon in the upper right corner. This is a video, and you must push play.  It is like, 15 seconds long.

Places Spaces and a Lasso Wordless Wednesday

Places and Spaces Our week in Instagrams

On the Fly My Week in Instagrams Wordless Wednesday

I really do love Instagram. I love being able to spontaneously capture things that I think are interesting or beautiful (or weird!).  Here is the first ever installment of of My Week in Instagrams. Follow OMB on Instagram by clicking right here! Follow Our Muddy Boots on Instagram by clicking right here!  

Visions of Goodness Wordless Wednesday 11

Visions of Goodness Wordless Wednesday #11 *Photography is a hobby of mine and I would like to improve.  I ask photographers to offer constructive criticism.  I’m coachable 😉 Hosted by Cecily and Lolli  

Sun and Water Wordless Wednesday

Sun and Water Wordless Wednesday

Centered by the Ocean: My Gratitude Photo Journal

We have spent a lot of time at the beach over the last couple of weeks.  It is a time that relaxes and centers the kids, Kris and I.  This week I am grateful for: Watching Sydney come into her own, and joy from the ocean on the face of my son. For pails plenty […]

Strawberries and Fields: Simple Things Sunday


Water and Curls: Simple Things Sunday

This curl! It is ever-present and Kris and I adore it.  It always falls in the same spot on Sydney’s forehead and each day Kris or I remark about how much we love it. Simply looking at a crisp, clean fountain on a hot day offers some relief.  This oasis was in a cute DC […]

Time with Each Other: My Gratitude Photo Journal

Last week we got to spend our time on vacation together.  Being away, no distractions, not worrying about grocery shopping and watering the lawn…it was so nice.  We did whatever we felt like.  This is not all that different for us, except that we were in a new environment and had no responsibilities. This week […]

Limitless Love: My Gratitude Photo Journal

Some weeks I feel particularly grateful; for my children, my life and sharing my life with my children.  This is one of those weeks. Today, I am grateful for: The beauty of a dad who adores his daughter, and the view from a dinner out. For my little girls who believes she makes magic, and […]

Absorb Every Moment: Simple Things Sunday

Every so often we are reminded of the preciousness of the moments we share with our children.  Something simple, like watching them enjoy an ice cream cone, or toys left out mid-project.  We feel the fleetingness of our time together and we vow to absorb every moment. Somehow it seems that we do inhale more […]

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