Inspiration for Mothers Weekly Round Up

Today’s entries inspire us mothers.  They remind us that when we are parents, no task is mundane.  They call us to appreciate our children for who they are, and how they really learn.  They encourage us to pause and appreciate our day to day, even though each one feels long.  Most importantly, they remind us that […]

Parenting Rhetoric Weekly Round Up 13

We parents are the victims of parenting rhetoric.  These are practices developed in think tanks made up of individuals trying to justify their salary/program, establish themselves as an expert, or keep happy corporations funding their program. These practices lack practicality, facts, and respect for the needs of children and families. They build momentum by the […]

Maintaining and Repairing your Connection with your Children Weekly Round Up 12

You want to maintain connection with your children, and repair it when it is broken. Traditional parenting techniques do not achieve this, and you may find yourself wondering what to do.  Each of the following posts offers useful and practical insights for connecting with your children.  Bookmark this page so that you can access it […]

Consensual Living Punishment Free Home and How to Avoid Sibling Rivalry Weekly Round UP #11

You say you want to know what to do instead of what not to do.  You say you want to learn how to live more peacefully in your home.  If you mean it, you will read these articles in their entirety.  You will bookmark this page and read them over and over again until you […]

Support of Public Breastfeeding and Disciplining a 2 Year Old Weekly Round Up 10

A Round up of parenting articles found on the web this week, paired with photos from around the world courtesy of OMB readers! 11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew by Dr. Stephen Cowan Click here to read There are so many gems in this piece, that it was nearly impossible to choose just one […]

Weekly Round Up: Parenting Articles from the Web this Week

Parenting articles from around the web this week! “Do Babies Under 12 Months Self-Wean?” by “Child-led weaning occurs when a child no longer has a need to nurse – nutritionally or emotionally. The solids part should rule out self-weaning in babies under a year since, for optimum health and brain development, babies under a […]

Parenting Articles from the Web this Week

Interesting parenting articles found on the web this week, and photos from Our Muddy Boots readers. Thanks so much to all who shared their photos and favorite articles! Read:  “What’s Wrong with Kids Today” by Positive Parenting “I believe the problem is not a lack of discipline, but a lack of connection. For decades upon […]

Public Shaming and Our Children: Knowing More to Do Better

Public shaming and publicly humiliating our children is an alarmingly popular and growing trend.  Before employing this “technique”, please read this important information. Humiliating Children to Teach Them “That cost, he says, is that the lessons learned by children are not the ones that the parent intended. What harshly disciplined kids absorb, he warns is […]

For Parents who Regret Circumcision: Knowing More

There are so many of us parents who regret allowing our children to be circumcised.  We wonder how we will talk with our son about it someday, and how we can possible move forward.  This is for Parents who Regret Circumcision My Son Finally asked about his Circumcision When we got to that one, my […]

What is Attachment Parenting? Knowing More to do Better

Attachment Parenting is becoming more widely practiced and talked about.  You may wonder what it is.  Click each title to read the article. What AP Is:  7 Baby B’s:  “Attachment parenting implies first opening your mind and heart to the individual needs of your baby, and eventually you will develop the wisdom on how to […]

Choose Courage: Knowing More to Do Better

Speaking up takes courage, and courage is a choice.   Here are 4 articles as a follow up to yesterday’s piece:  Informed is Not Extreme. Courage:  Doing the Right Thing by Sam Randford “All that said, courage will always be a choice. Every moment that demands courage will also come with the temptation to take […]

Reconsidering Sharing, Praise, Capability, and Punishing

A collection of articles for Reconsidering Sharing, Praise, Capability, and Punishing What to say instead of Praising by Dr. Laura Markham “Dr. Laura…..I probably say ‘Good Job!” ten times a day….if praise isn’t a good idea, what am I supposed to say to encourage good behavior?!” – Ariana Why I Don’t Make My Son Share by […]

Nurturing Empathy in Children

A selection of articles discussing nurturing empathy in children and why it is important. Welcome to Our Muddy Boots!  Follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for conversations and updates. Nurturing Empathy in Children  “A strong sense of empathy allows children to make decisions that are right for them without hurting others or seeking approval or […]

Baby and Child Sleep: Weekly Round Up

Baby and child sleep; we are obsessed. OBSESSED. We want our babies to sleep whether they need it or not, and our children to give us our nights back. Sorry folks, it just doesn’t jive with biology. See for yourself: Welcome to Our Muddy Boots! Follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for conversation and to […]

Sandy Hook: Weekly Round Up

Parents wonder how to help their children deal with the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Today’s post shares some resources- for our children and ourselves. When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people […]

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