Homeschool Socialization: The Irony of this Question is Lost on Most

Homeschool socialization has been talked about a zillion times. Homeschool parents know what a ridiculous question it is, but we all get it at some point (s) when we tell someone we homeschool. The question about homeschool socialization comes in different forms, such as “but what about socialization?” “I’d just worry about socialization” or “I don’t […]

Unschooling Chat #3 with Jennifer McGrail of The Path Less Taken

These chats keep getting better and better! I am so grateful to Jen for taking time to share her experience and wisdom with us. You can view our 3rd Unshooling Chat here: Here is access to audio only:

Unschooling Chat: Questions and Answers that Can Help Us All

Jennifer McGrail of The Path Less Taken is an Unschooling mom to 4 children ages 8 to 19. She was a mentor for me transitioning to Unschooling long before she knew me and has done wonderful things for my family. For those of us wanting to get deeper into Unschooling, who we listen to matters. […]

Unschooling: It is as Beautiful as it Sounds

I steer away from talking about unschooling. I’m new here. My kids are only 7 and 9. Though we’ve been learning to live this way for more than 5 years, how can I share a way of life that I don’t yet understand? I cannot. I can share our journey and I really want to. […]

Ten Unschooling Questions: An Interview with Jennifer Andersen

I was so honored and excited when Pam Larrichia reached out and asked if we could chat for an episode of her Unschooling podcast. It is Pam and others like her, who have helped me learn to Unschool. Pam’s questions were thought provoking and answering them was a lot of fun. As we frequently talk about […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Homeschooling

I wish I knew then that I need not send my distraught child away from me for school- that there is no better place for him than with me. I wish I knew then that I am capable, that it is possible, and that it is wonderful. I wish I knew then that the joy, […]

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