7 Awesome Denver Holiday Activities

We all know about the Parade, the Christkindle Market and the shows, but there are so many other cool things for Denver families to do to feel the Holiday spirt. Here are 7 awesome Denver Holiday activities you may not have considered: 1. The Royal Gorge Railroad Okay, it’s not in Denver. In fact, it’s a bit of […]

Elf Training Camp in Littleton Colorado: A Model for Restaurants

Those who have been with me for a while know how much my family loves to celebrate Christmas. Our tree goes up the day after Halloween and that’s when the carols start streaming through our speakers. Each year we look for extra festive things to do, and we found them in 2016. One of our highlights […]

5 Unique Summer Activities for Non-Hikers in Colorado

We live in Colorado, but we are not big hikers. Blasphemy, I know! We still find lots of unique and beautiful things to do here though. So if you live in, or are headed to, Colorado this summer, check out these five ways to experience the Rocky Mountain State. If you are looking for something […]

Family Travel: A Road Trip for the Soul

Family travel offers us real understanding of geography, people, and culture. It allows us to reflect on our own lives, too. I underestimated what a two week road trip through parts of the West would do for our family, but I should not have. I have traveled enough to know that each experience gives us […]

4 Fall Family Activities in New England

Since moving out west 18 months ago, whenever anyway asks this New England native about the best time to visit, I tell them Fall.  It’s idyllic- the stuff of paintings, writings, and photos.  The humidity disappears, the crisp air sets in, and the smell shifts to the undeniable aroma of autumn (this writer is a […]

Cool Off With These Denver Family Excursions

This is our first summer in Denver, and we are excited! We got to see the mountains covered with snow (and even play in it!) this winter, and now it is time to see what warmer weather in Colorado brings! I’ve spent some time looking for excursions for my family this summer, and these four […]

Flight Safety Speech Anything But Boring!

Most frequent travelers are guilty of it- tuning out the flight attendant who is trying to keep us safe during our flight. But come on, many of us can recite the safety information ourselves! Though we feel bad ignoring anybody, we do. Listening to the same words over and over again is boring… not so […]

A Road Trip Through My Daughter’s Eyes

It is tempting to tell our children what they see, but it is beautiful to listen to them tell us. A family road trip reminded me of this. I’m watching Sydney watch the changing scenery through the window of our van. We have traveled 650 miles in just over a day. We have moved through […]

Family Spring Break: 5 Questions to Help You Plan Yours

It’s time to start thinking about family spring break- for those who have been pummeled with cold and snow this year better words could not be spoken! When it comes to a family trip, how do you find a destination that will meet everyone’s needs?  Here are 5 questions to ask yourself (and your family […]

A Weekend in Steamboat Springs Colorado in Pictures

Last weekend we took our first drive into the Rocky Mountains.  We have admired them from afar since moving to Colorado a few weeks ago- driving through them though, was a different thing entirely. We exited a tunnel that acts as the gateway to the Rockies, to find this:  Initially, my husband Kris and I […]

Rocky Mountain Storm in Pictures

Recently, I experienced weather that stirred me.  The day started out as another beautiful and sun filled Colorado Sunday. Quickly though, the skies changed.  We could see the clouds and snow moving in over the mountains: Within minutes, we were enveloped in snow clouds, and it fell from the sky.  It was such a unique […]

Looking For Great Ski Vacation Deals? Ski.com Delivers!

I grew up skiing New England.  Now that we are officially Coloardians, I get to test the words I’ve heard so often:  “If you can ski New England, you can ski anything”. If you are looking for more about these locations, check out this post by clicking here. My 4 year old has never been […]

3 Spectacular Family Snow Vacations

Are you looking for a snow getaway that allows your family to be together while each doing what you love?  Here are 3 spectacular snow vacations that offer something for everyone- separately and together! If you are looking for more family snow sports vacations, check out these great ideas from Family Travel Forum, just click here. […]

Denver, Snow, New England, Surf Wordless Wednesday

We loved seeing Denver for the first time- especially while looking so sparkly and festive. We returned to the east coast and our familiar surroundings. And more familiar yet, both to our eyes and to our bones. The state to which we will return, though not to the charm of this particular town.     […]

Keeping the Moments from a Trip Back Home

Visits home after moving away are special.  The moments seem bigger, more noteworthy.  They stay in a deeper part of ourselves.  Keeping the moments from a trip back home is easier when you move away. Our Holidays were not your typical crazy.  We have been in the middle of a cross-country move since March.  Our […]

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