Saying Yes to Life What a Weekend with Travel Writers Taught Me

I did not mean for it to happen, but last weekend my soul was fed. I attended a conference for travel writers.  Before leaving, I was focused on the conference part of the invitation, and unintentionally ignored the “Travel Writer” part.  I thought long and hard about going, and decided to reply “no” for this […]

Loving Myself without Make Up for My Children

Loving Myself without Make Up for My Children was inspired by a piece written by Violet’sMama called “I’m Not Pretty Enough”.  Whether you have children or not, this is a piece that should be read. My daughter, 3, has started asking me to straighten her gorgeous and curly locks- that’s what she sees me do, […]

Challenging Our Parenting Beliefs is Hard

Any parent will tell you that, Challenging Our Parenting Beliefs is Hard. Compassion, Patience, Humility: Responding to Cognitive Dissonance Maria Bangs /// Barrel of Oranges Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a strongly-held, often cultural belief is challenged with conflicting information, experiences, research, or viewpoints.  Almost always, cognitive dissonance manifests in denial […]

Becoming a Better Person for My Daughter

Having a child committed me to becoming a better person for my daughter.       by Katrina Quitugua Most of us have been through life events that have affected us deeply.  We do not always understand how these events have impacted us. We may exhibit negative behavior toward a situation similar to the one […]

All Parenting Choices do not Yield the Same Results

Society teaches us that our children will overcome whatever we throw at them, but all parenting choices do not yield the same results. Welcome to Our Muddy Boots! Please like our Faceobook Page and follow us on Pinterest for conversation and updates. We have been conditioned to believe that children are resilient and can overcome […]

Truth Brings Clarity for Parenting and Beyond

The Truth of a Lie Katrina Quitugua To spare me the truth You tell me a lie I may sleep a lot easier But the truth never dies   What never dies Will only prevail Once we are enlightened All else will pale   Truth can be painful But who really is harmed? When lies […]

Adjusting to Life with Two Children; Beautiful Day or Not

Finally, I am starting to enjoy my children again.  It has been a rough go since my daughter turned six months old, which is when she began to desire regular interaction and attention.  I could not figure out how to balance meeting even the basic needs of my two marvelous offspring. Most days I felt […]

Alone to Confident: Parenting Outside of the Mainstream

When my oldest child was born, I hid.  I kept secret the fact that we shared a bed, that I breastfed him almost around the clock and that I never, ever accepted his crying as necessary. The message from those around me was clear;  babies must cry and sleep on their own.  I was so lonely.  I was scared. […]

Mommy Wars and Judgment Prohibited: Freeing Ourselves

I am about to share a novel, brilliant and simple suggestion.  You will not be prepared for it. When you hear it, your shoulders will sink, a weight will be lifted, and you will be filled with lightness and hope.  I think. Ready? Let’s stop talking about judgment and mommy wars.  These things are ridiculous […]

One with my Son: The Blessings of a Layoff

Yeah, I feel blessed by: Katie MacIntyre Lately, I have been feeling a little restless. Mostly, I believe it is because something is going to change. Mind you, I did not create the thing that will change, but I choose to embrace it. Mid-summer I was layed off from my employer of nearly 12 years. […]

Admitting Parenting Mistakes to Do Better

 When it comes to our children, we want to do everything right, and sometimes we don’t.  I think we can move forward by admitting parenting mistakes to do better. Learning that we have hurt our children unnecessarily is devastating. We cannot turn back time or undo irreversible decisions.  We are stuck knowing that we chose […]

I Listened to My Baby

When my oldest child was born I quickly understood that the concept of Mothers Intuition was real. The obstetrician at the hospital told me to limit my two day old baby’s feedings before he started controlling me, but I listened to Owen instead. Every piece of literature that mysteriously arrived on my doorstep after Owen’s […]

Sneaky Gender Roles: A Guest Post From Mama Raw

I am grateful to have a guest post from Mama Raw today.  If you have not had a chance to check out the writings of this fierce and sensitive mama, I highly recommend that you do.  Her words are beautiful and spot on. Sneaky Gender Roles My daughter asked if her friends’ dads go to […]

The Moment I Became a Mother

Life changes in an instant.  The world looks different, and life is more precious.  It was true for me too, the  moment I became a mother. by Jennifer Andersen The moment I became a mother the woman I knew was gone.  Life became about different things and my focus became strong. No longer did I […]

It’s Mother’s Week (One Day is Not Enough!)

Happy Mother’s week, Mothers.  Dad’s- we will celebrate you in June is just as big of a way! We are  a humble bunch and I think it is good to take a whole week to acknowledge the importance of our role.  By the nature of our daily tasks, most of our accomplishments are celebrated and […]

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