What Gives me Patience: Motherhood Moment #8 LINK

by:  Jennifer Andersen We were finished at the grocery store and the kids wanted to ride on the carousel.  I had enough quarters, so I put my bags down and watched them circle around. I had enough change for them to ride three or four times. It was an overcast and warm day in October. […]

My Kids Live in a Bubble: Motherhood Moment #7

When this photo was taken, we were at one of our closest friends houses celebrating a special birthday and Halloween.  In the rooms behind me, more than 15 children were playing instruments. Six moms were laughing and talking loud enough to be heard.  Outside of the window children were running and laughing and screaming. Sydney […]

Giving My Daughter Her Space: Motherhood Moment #6

Giving My Daughter her Space by Jennifer Andersen This is Sydney. Totally and completely.  Directly behind me there were 7 other children playing in a fort constructed out of limbs and branches.  They were chasing each other and running and laughing and sometimes playing “bad guys”.  It wasn’t that Sydney did not participate in the […]

Proof of Love Between My Children: Motherhood Moment #4

Proof of Love Between My Children by Jennifer Andersen Most Sundays we head to a local farm to stock up on produce for the week.  This time of year in New England sees an increase in visitors to places that grow apples and pumpkins.  But yesterday it was raining.  We did not have to worry […]

Mornings with My Children: A Bit of Perfection

There are lots of struggles that come with being a 24/7 mom, but mornings with my children are a little bit of perfection.  by Jennifer Andersen  Often times when I wake up before my kids, I stay right there in bed.  I do not read a book, or check my phone. I just lay there; […]

Mothering is Worth the Effort: Motherhood Moment #3

Mothering is Worth the Effort by Jennifer Andersen Nobody can make Sydney smile like her big brother.  Every shared moment solidifies their relationship- their undeniable bond.  Now I watch as they begin to play with each other, instead of next to each other.  I listen to Sydney exclaim “of course I do Owen!” when he […]

Grumpy Loves: Motherhood Moment #2

  Grumpy moments happen often for us, I just don’t usually capture them because, well, I’m dealing with them! It amazes me how quickly a moment can shift.  In the photo before this one the kids are kissing and laughing and happy.  Then faster than my shutter speed could change, this became their mood. I love that […]

The Sun Lit her Up: Motherhood Moment #1

Motherhood Moment:  The Sun Lit Her Up It was another evening spent at the beach;  likely one of our last.  Kris was able to join us, and we enjoyed dinner and drinks while we watched the kids run. Free.  We laughed and talked and spent time catching up. When the kids needed it, they came […]

A Run of the Mill Birthday Party: What I Learned from My Son Motherhood Moment

Chuck E.  Cheese’s.  The most generic of the generic, thoughtless of the thoughtless and same old of the same old.  This is where Owen wanted to have his 5th birthday party.  He has been telling us for months and I kept hoping it was a passing thought.  It was not. So we planned it- just […]

Love On The Rocks: Motherhood Moment #11

This photos is striking for me. It represents that moment that every mother has when she thinks:  when did my baby become a not-so-little boy?  Owen’s expression, his calm happiness, the way he is responding to me, his mom… all of it is so special to me. Then I noticed the shape that is in […]

Messy Moments: Motherhood Moments #7

  Sydney looks far more concerned about the mess than I was!  Nonetheless, it was a relaxing, fun and MESSY spring afternoon.  There were lots of laughs and we all three were light -hearted.  

Interesting View Point: Motherhood Moments #6

This photo was taken when we were in New York City.  I enjoyed watching Owen as he looked out over the newly greened greens.  And beyond all of it to the Skyline over Central Park. I wondered how he was thinking about things and what it all meant for him.  

Motherhood Moments: Rule of Thirds Prompt #9

The “Rule of Thirds” is a photography term referring to composure of an image.  In this picture, the concept is applicable in more than that way. The day this photo was taken marked the third day in a row of sunshine and good times enjoyed by my children and I.  And I have found that […]

Mmmmm: Motherhood Moments #8

We had a super chill day today.  We slept until 10, hung out in our pajamas until noon and when my sister arrived for a visit we went out for lunch. The rest of our day was spent at the playground and laying around a grassy park by the water.   It kind of felt […]

Motherhood Moments Prompt #4: True Love

Today it was easy.  Owen, Sydney and I had so much fun just hanging out on the floor.  I got my workout in while they constructed a spaceship our of our toddler table, and when I was done I just sort of fell down, and stayed there. We were probably there for an hour; tickling […]

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