For My Daughter on Her Third Birthday

A Letter For My Daughter on Her Third Birthday by Jennifer Andersen Dear Sydney, Sometimes, when you are upset, all you have to do is put your cheek to mine as as we snuggle and you quickly calm down.  Your body melts into mine and your breath becomes even.  So does mine.  Your arms wrap […]

An Untraditional Letter for My Son on his Fifth Birthday

We are doing things differently.  I share this with my son on his fifth birthday in an Untraditional letter for my son.  Dear Owen, Today you turn five.  Five. I watch you now, so tall and thoughtful and it is hard for me to remember certain points in your life… what it was like when […]

A Rocky Start: A Letter For My Children

I am accepting responsibility for my parenting mistakes.  In “A Rocky Start:  A Letter for My Children” I share this with my children. Dear Sydney and Owen, We got off to a rocky start- like three years a rocky start.  More accurately, I got off to a rocky start. You were just babies. Becoming a […]

In Love With Your Children: A Letter For My Husband

Dear Kris, I am writing to day to tell you that you are doing a great job.  It has taken work, I know.  But when you come home after being away- even just for the day- your children melt into you.  I know you do the same. I thank you for always making sure the […]

No Matter how Big You Are: A Letter For My Son

Dear Owen, Our current sleeping arrangements look like this:  daddy and I as bookends, you next to daddy, then Sydney, then me.  We have switched it up a couple of times, but mostly Sydney still likes to nurse at night, so she is next to me. Our current sleeping hours differ though.  For the past […]

Grass, Stones and Time On Your Own: A Letter For My Daughter

Dear Sydney, Each morning you come downstairs, put on your coat and red rain boots (the only footwear you have worn for about a year), open the glass slider and walk outside.  You take a walk around the yard- checking out what is different from the day before I suppose, or maybe you are just […]

Time Away: A Letter for My Son

Dear Owen, Things were tough last weekend.  For whatever reason I had reached a breaking point.  Your dad stepped in on sunday  morning and made a hotel reservation.  For me.  I needed a break. I decided to bring you with me.  Honestly, I was not sure that having you there would allow me the time […]

Dear Mom and Dad: A Letter From Your Baby

We can never be prepared for parenthood.  We can think of things from our baby’s perspective though as is shared here in A Letter From Your Baby. Welcome  to Our Muddy Boots!  Please like our Facebook page, follow us on Pinterest, and subscribe to Muddy Prints (over there on the right), for conversation and updates! […]

Learning To Know You: A Letter To My Son

Dear Owen, Yesterday we went swimming.You, your dad, Sydney and I. You had been asking for all of us to go for days.  You have been taking lessons and are doing so well, and you love being in the water as much as I do. We had so much fun.  You smiled fully the entire […]

Bed-Head or Africa: A Letter for My Daughter

Dear Sydney, Last night you stayed up with me long after Owen went to sleep.  You were tired, you just were not ready for sleep. So we hung out.  We played and chatted, and I did some housework. And as I sat face to face with you and listened to what you had to say, […]

Today you Turn Four, and I am your Mother. A Letter to my Son.

It is bittersweet for parents to watch their children grow up.  Today you Turn Four and I am your Mother is a letter to my son promising to put my own feelings aside to support him.   Welcome to Our Muddy Boots!  Follow us on Pinterest and Google+ for conversation. Dear Owen, I have to […]

Now we are Good A Letter for My Son

My son lost the mother her knew when my second child was born.  I share this difficult time in “Now we are Good A Letter for My Son.” Dear Owen, I have written about the time after Sydney was born.  I have talked about how much I struggled with having two children, and what a […]

Our Days at The Beach are Numbered, and Next Year Will Be Different.

Dear Owen and Sydney, We have spent so much time at the beach this summer.  Around 4:00 in the afternoon we put on our suits, pack a dinner and pile into the minivan armed with pails and shovels.  When Daddy is home, he joins us. Some nights we have stayed long enough to see the […]

Bedtime Can Wait. A Letter to My Son.

It is nice to be able to connect with our first born child after a baby joins the family.  “Bedtime Can Wait” is a letter to my son. Welcome to Our Muddy Boots!  Follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for conversation and updates! Dear Owen, It is 9:30 PM and Daddy and I have just […]

To My First Born on his Last Night as an Only. A Letter to my Son.

Life changes for our first born when our second child is born.  “To My First Born on his Last night as an Only” was handwritten in Owen’s Journal two days before Sydney was born. Welcome to Our Muddy Boots!  Please follow us on Pinterest and Twitter for conversation and updates! This is taken verbatim (yes, […]

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