Resources for White Parents Who Will Confront Racism

We white parents find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. If we did not know before, recent events have shown us clearly that racism is no better today than it was 50 or 60 years ago. That’s hard to hear. Learning that our country was not built on freedom and equality for all, but freedom and equality for […]

Racism: What Do We White People Say to Our Kids?

The atrocity in Charlottesville should have more conversations about racism than ever happening in white families. It is uncomfortable, though. Many of us are just learning how we perpetuate racism and that we ourselves are racist. Shouldn’t we get a grasp of things before we start talking about it with our children? The answer is crystal […]

Unconditional Love: Are Our Children Getting It?

In theory, we all agree that children should be loved unconditionally and accepted for who they are. They should not reconfigure themselves so that they can receive the full love and affection of their parents. By being born our children, they should have our unconditional love. We all agree, right? Well yes, in theory. In reality though, how […]

Homeschool Socialization: The Irony of this Question is Lost on Most

Homeschool socialization has been talked about a zillion times. Homeschool parents know what a ridiculous question it is, but we all get it at some point (s) when we tell someone we homeschool. The question about homeschool socialization comes in different forms, such as “but what about socialization?” “I’d just worry about socialization” or “I don’t […]

I Like My Kids: I Have Never Cared About Being In Fashion Anyway

I go to bed at night excited because I get to wake up the next morning and spend the day with my kids. Every. Day.  It has not always been this way, but it has been for the last few years and now that I know how this feels I can’t imagine ever choosing another way. […]

People Are Good: 5 Actions That Prove It

People are good. Not everybody is good, but most people are. Yes, we all have a lot of stuff we need to face. We have a lot of accountability we need to accept. We have a lot of work we need to do to make this world, and the US better. I do not believe […]

Sexism and Racism are Parenting Issues

Since I have been posting about things like racism, sexism, and xenophobia this year, many people have either publicly or privately demanded that I “stick to my parenting posts”. It seems they do not see the connection between parenting and these very real issues. My passion has always been children. It’s why I keep at […]

When We “Choose Love” Do We Opt Out of Healing Our Nation?

It sounds beautiful, I know. I mean, who could disagree to “choose love” in any situation, right? I do. I disagree. I do not necessarily believe that the way people are throwing the phrase “choose love” around will heal our country. I worry that when we say this we are opting out of what it means to “choose […]

My Hope in the Wake of the Election

Today is surely an historic day. None of us knows what it means or what it will look like. Even those in the know agree on this. I read a line on our Facebook page today that said “children need hope”, and I realized we adults do too. How do we move forward without hope? […]

People Pleaser to Authentic: Overcoming the Expectations of Women

I was a people pleaser for too long. Now, I am recovering and moving toward living an authentic life. Even while I am a mom.  People whom I admire kept talking about how something almost magical happens at 40. Self confidence is gained. Worry about what others think is lost. Living life to please others […]

Anger is Not My Contribution to the World

A couple of weeks ago at the Free to Be Unschooling Conference, Sandra Dodd gave me a gift. She, and the conference, have given me many gifts toward my journey of creating a happier life. Like all those gifts that have come before, this one was timely. Sandra gave a talk called “Being Calm”. All […]

Overcoming Negativity: Switching My Life Feed to Positive and Intentional Living

Being intentional about what fills my world is a priority for me, so I had to eliminate the negativity that surrounded me. This includes social media and my in-person circle of friends because it is all part of my life feed. I have been adjusting my family and friend relationships to shield myself from negativity. I […]

5 Easy Changes I Made to Feel Better

A couple of years ago I was about to turn 40. I felt lousy. I was significantly overweight, and couldn’t move in the ways I wanted. My skin looked old and frail, I had no energy, my sleep was horrible, and I lived in a near constant mental fog. Lovely. I knew something had to […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Homeschooling

I wish I knew then that I need not send my distraught child away from me for school- that there is no better place for him than with me. I wish I knew then that I am capable, that it is possible, and that it is wonderful. I wish I knew then that the joy, […]

I am Happy to be 40!

At the beginning of 2014, I posted this picture. I wanted it, but I did not understand what it meant, or how I could possibly achieve it. It was sort of a pipe dream. Except it wasn’t. Because the day I posted this, something shifted, and for the first time, I understood that I could […]

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