For The Overweight Runner Mom Who Gets Out There Extra Weight & All

Far more inspiring to me than elite marathon runners is the overweight runner mom who decides to lace up her shoes (or get on the mat, or hop on the bike) after a long time off. With extra weight on her body from carrying and caring for her beautiful babies she puts one foot in front of […]

30 Days of Workouts for Women and Men with Kids WEEK 3

Here we are, week 3 of 30 Days of Workouts for Women and Men with Kids!  You might be getting tired of being inside, so here are some suggestions for how to get outside! 1.  Go for a walk.  Not a sightseeing walk, or to explore, but to seriously move your body.  Use these tips […]

Backyard Exercise Workouts for Moms and Dads with Kids

Sometimes we want to workout outside, but our kids don’t feel like riding in a jogger.  Plus, we may want to break up our running or workout videos.  Here are backyard exercise workouts that you can do with your kids, or while they play in the yard. The point here is to move as much […]

30 Days of Workouts for Women and Men with Kids WEEK 2

Here it is!  Week 2 of 30 Days of Workouts for Women and Men.  Just like week one, all you have to do is get your workout clothes on, and push play.  I’ve done all the searching for you! Click here for tips 10 tips to exercise with kids. I do these two back to […]

10 Tips to Exercise with Kids

Finding time to exercise without our kids often prevents us from working out.  Here are 10 tips to exercise with kids: 1.  Be Realistic.  You probably aren’t going to have 90 minutes to spend on weights and the treadmill.  Be serious about how much time you have, and then maximize it.  Your workouts may have to be at […]

Spin Class is Utopia?!

Is Spin Class Utopia?!  She had to be kidding!   I am maintaining my commitment to myself and my family of getting myself feeling good again. On Tuesday I was at Spin class (a stationary biking class that is shockingly intense).  The instructor was motivational, strong and high energy.  I appreciated what she was offering […]

Eye of the Mother F&%$ing Tiger.

I have committed. While I am sure that every body feels better when regular exercise is a part of their life, mine seems to require it.  Fogginess, haze, irritability and general “blah’s” are my bodies response to an inactive life. So…I am back at the gym.  Like 4 days a week, which is now a […]

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