‘That Latch Looks Fine’: Breastfeeding Through Lip and Tongue Tie Scepticism.

There’s one issue that I don’t think many can appreciate without having been through it, and that is trying to breastfeed a tongue and lip tied baby. Although there are many levels of what ties look and act like, one thing they all generally have to overcome is scepticism that they A) are actually something that […]

Ruin Your Day with Tits A Breastfeeding Video

“Tits” is not a word this girls uses.  Ever.  Well, at least until 48 hours ago when I first heard “Ruin Your Day with Tits”.  Now not only can I not stop singing this song about breastfeeding, but my 4 and 6 year old, are belting it out too.  It is one catchy tune. This […]

I Support Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding Her Daughter

The image that rocked the internet:  a mother feeding her child.  Yep.  The mother happened to be Gisele Bundchen, and the food happened to be breastmilk, you know, directly from the breast, but this was just a picture of a mother, feeding her child, and getting ready for work.  How could this image be upsetting? […]

the courage of those who did not breastfeed

When I talk with a mother who did not breastfeed, she does not rejoice. She does not tell me to mind my business and that I should keep my opinions to myself. When I really listen, she tells me that she is heartbroken.  Her eyes fill with tears as she shares the efforts she made […]

Faces of Breastfeeding

Working with all of the images that were sent in for the Faces of Breastfeeding project was inspiring, humbling, and beautiful.  Thank you so very much to all who submitted photos.  This was a collective project of Our Muddy Boots readers, as you will see right here:

Breastfeeding May Not Come Easily, but it Can Still be Successful

Like many, I believed that breastfeeding would come easily, naturally if you will.  That was not my experience by a long shot!  Let’s TALK about breastfeeding.  I’ll start:

A Message About Breastfeeding in Public

Before you decide to glare at someone who is breastfeeding in public, please watch this message.  

I DO NOT Miss Night Feedings

There is not a single second of a single day in the last six months that I have missed night feedings.  Nor have I missed the exhaustion, or overwhelming feelings that come with having a newborn, or a toddler.  In fact, every single day I take stock of how grateful I am to be sleeping through […]

Breastfeeding Breastmilk and Babysitting A Music Video

Breastfeeding Breastmilk and babysitting go hand in hand.  Even on a friday night! This is a fun video about one super cool guy, and the ridiculously adorable little girl that he babysits. Send R.S. a shout out to thank him for normalizing breastfeeding! You can find him here: on Twitter, on Facebook, and on YouTube. […]

Full Term Breastfeeding Huff Post Live Follow Up

There were some things that we did not get to address on last night’s HuffPost Live segment. Here is my follow up. “Full Term Breastfeeding Huff Post Live Follow Up” on YouTube: And here is the HuffPost Live segment:

Jennifer Andersen Talks Full Term Breastfeeding on Huff Post Live!

The more we talk about breastfeeding, the easier it gets for everybody!  I am grateful to Nancy Redd for hosting an open dialogue about a taboo topic; full term breastfeeding!  Watch it right here: Take a minute to thank Nancy Redd for opening the dialogue- and let her know that Our Muddy Boots sent you!

Breastfeeding Articles to Inspire, Educate, and Inform

A Collection of Breastfeeding Articles to Inspire, Educate, and Inform. Handling Criticism about Breastfeeding from Kellymom.com “Criticism from strangers happens occasionally, but tends to be easier to deal with since you’re unlikely to see those people again. Criticism from family members and others close to you can be much harder to handle.” Feeding Info, Facts, […]

Quick Start: Breastfeeding Basics

A concise and manageable collection of articles as an introduction to Breastfeeding.  Welcome to Our Muddy Boots!  Follow us on Pinterest and Google+ for conversation and updates! 5 Tips to Ensure Breastfeeding Success by Full Belly Sisters “But for so many families I had the opportunity to care for, this lovely vision remains a bit elusive. […]

Breastfeeding Dads

For the glass of water, and the footrest. For finding the missing tube and moving the plant away from the outlet. For bringing the baby to me even when you knew I needed more sleep. For bagging and freezing all of the milk and washing the “Boppee” cover.  Again. For setting up the pump before […]

Breastfeeding, Jaundice and C-Sections

The johnny was pulled down to my waste exposing my stomach. It was extra fat because my thyroid had been removed a couple of months before.  The fresh scar on my abdomen burned and though the pads had just been changed, I could feel that they would quickly need it again.  After a difficult 30 […]

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