The AAP Statement: 12 Things YOU Can Do!

1.  Visit the AAP’s Facebook page and let them know what you think about their revised policy.

2.  Read the critique of the statement so that you understand why it is flawed.

3.  Become informed:  Visit Saving Our Sons and follow their Facebook Page to understand more about routine infant circumcision.

4.  Find and “like” your local chapter of The Intact Network on Facebook.  This will keep you up to date and will let you know when there is something specific that needs to be done.

5.  Learn as much as you can about Circumcision so that you can answer questions asked of you and so that the fire starts to burn in you.

6.  Remind yourself again and again what the AAP’s decision does NOT change.

7.  Change your timeline banner, grab some graphics and spread the word.  It is more important now more than ever that people understand circumcision.

8.  Order some info cards that you can share in places where parents- to- be can find them.

9.  E mail, write, call, or protest in front of your local AAP office or your own local hospital.

10.  Contact your pediatrician and OB/GYN to let them know that you oppose their support of Routine Infant Circumcision.

11.  Make a donation to Saving Our Sons to help cover the cost of all of the work that is being done.

12.  Most importantly, remember that you never, EVER need to doubt that Routine Infant Circumcision is wrong.

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