A Real Baby Boy Almost Lost his Life to Circumcision

Shared by an anonymous author with permission from Parents Overcoming Deception. I am not a doctor but I have a story to share. This is not a story about some random dude. This is a story about my son. A curly red headed boy who gives the best hugs and has the most delightful giggle. […]

For Parents who Regret Circumcision: Knowing More

There are so many of us parents who regret allowing our children to be circumcised.  We wonder how we will talk with our son about it someday, and how we can possible move forward.  This is for Parents who Regret Circumcision My Son Finally asked about his Circumcision When we got to that one, my […]

Choose Courage: Knowing More to Do Better

Speaking up takes courage, and courage is a choice.   Here are 4 articles as a follow up to yesterday’s piece:  Informed is Not Extreme. Courage:  Doing the Right Thing by Sam Randford “All that said, courage will always be a choice. Every moment that demands courage will also come with the temptation to take […]

Informed is Not Extreme: A Public Response to Single Dad Laughing

Sharing information is not extreme. This is an illogical connection. Informed is Not Extreme: A Public Response to Single Dad Laughing We have been conditioned to believe that every single thing that happens to our child is our choice because we are their parent.What goes into their body, what happens to their body and where […]

Circumcision: The More You Know

Circumcision:  The More You Know the More You’re Against it.Click here for MORE pinnable stuff!

Truth Brings Clarity for Parenting and Beyond

The Truth of a Lie Katrina Quitugua To spare me the truth You tell me a lie I may sleep a lot easier But the truth never dies   What never dies Will only prevail Once we are enlightened All else will pale   Truth can be painful But who really is harmed? When lies […]

Deconstructing the Image that Fueled the War on Baby Boys

Those of us in the “crunchy” parenting blogger community have all accepted that circumcision is a human rights violation.  Together, we advocate and educate for the protection of our most helpless members of our society. The OMB Facebook page  lost a LOT of “likes” from openly stating that the photo below was an irresponsible choice […]

The AAP Statement: 12 Things YOU Can Do!

1.  Visit the AAP’s Facebook page and let them know what you think about their revised policy. 2.  Read the critique of the statement so that you understand why it is flawed. 3.  Become informed:  Visit Saving Our Sons and follow their Facebook Page to understand more about routine infant circumcision. 4.  Find and “like” your local […]

The AAP’s Revised Statement “Money Over Oath”: Today We Grieve

We have been preparing for this day, and it is here.  The Devil has reared his frightening face at the expense of our most helpless, vulnerable and precious members of society;  our brand new babies. Thinking of the transition from womb to world is sad enough- make no mistake, there is nothing joyous about birth […]

Save a Baby Today! (Get Free Stuff Too)

Next week, over 500,000 people will gather in Washington D.C. for the International AIDS Conference. This is just one of the influential week-long events that Saving Our Sons participates in each year on behalf of babies.  The advisory board plans for this event for months in advance; creating signs to inform, pamphlets to educate and bracelets […]

A Response to A Physician’s Apology for Circumcising Babies

As the mother of  a circumcised son who found out the truth too late, I cannot celebrate this apology. I suspect that the physician who issued this apology does not want this either. All one has to do is view this video to see that her apology is genuine and that she struggles with her […]

Speak Up To Stop A Baby’s Scream

This is real.  This is pain. I think of my beautiful baby boy, brand new, forced out of his comfortable fetal position and strapped down against his will. Helpless.  I think of the scalpel being taken to his unsuspecting soul. I remember myself in the hospital room, thinking of nothing but my baby.  I wanted […]

Babies Are Precious: PR For Children

What Will Happen To You If You Accept This Information As True?

The next couple of days are going to focus on circumcision, both here and on our Facebook page. I am going to lose both readers and likers.  It happens every time.  Not just with circumcision. When I share something about formula, or cry it out or natural birthing, people drop.  I suspect for some it […]

Sneaky Gender Roles: A Guest Post From Mama Raw

I am grateful to have a guest post from Mama Raw today.  If you have not had a chance to check out the writings of this fierce and sensitive mama, I highly recommend that you do.  Her words are beautiful and spot on. Sneaky Gender Roles My daughter asked if her friends’ dads go to […]

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