Full Term Breastfeeding Huff Post Live Follow Up

There were some things that we did not get to address on last night’s HuffPost Live segment. Here is my follow up. “Full Term Breastfeeding Huff Post Live Follow Up” on YouTube: And here is the HuffPost Live segment:

Choose Courage: Knowing More to Do Better

Speaking up takes courage, and courage is a choice.   Here are 4 articles as a follow up to yesterday’s piece:  Informed is Not Extreme. Courage:  Doing the Right Thing by Sam Randford “All that said, courage will always be a choice. Every moment that demands courage will also come with the temptation to take […]

Informed is Not Extreme: A Public Response to Single Dad Laughing

Sharing information is not extreme. This is an illogical connection. Informed is Not Extreme: A Public Response to Single Dad Laughing We have been conditioned to believe that every single thing that happens to our child is our choice because we are their parent.What goes into their body, what happens to their body and where […]

Truth Brings Clarity for Parenting and Beyond

The Truth of a Lie Katrina Quitugua To spare me the truth You tell me a lie I may sleep a lot easier But the truth never dies   What never dies Will only prevail Once we are enlightened All else will pale   Truth can be painful But who really is harmed? When lies […]

12 Things Your Crying Baby Wants You to Know

Should I Comfort my Crying Baby? Thinking about crying from a baby’s perspective. After yesterday’s honest and vulnerable piece from Hailey, I asked her what she thought should follow it.  She brought herself back to the time when she was overwhelmed. “Something that humanizes babies” she said.  “I wish I’d had more insight into his […]

One Mother’s Experience with Cry It Out

by:  Hailey Williamson When I think of the times that I stood outside that bedroom door listening to my baby fuss and cry, nervously shifting my weight from foot to foot, I feel ashamed. Every instinct in my body wanted to go to him, pick him up, and spend my whole night comforting him at […]

Alone to Confident: Parenting Outside of the Mainstream

When my oldest child was born, I hid.  I kept secret the fact that we shared a bed, that I breastfed him almost around the clock and that I never, ever accepted his crying as necessary. The message from those around me was clear;  babies must cry and sleep on their own.  I was so lonely.  I was scared. […]

Mommy Wars and Judgment Prohibited: Freeing Ourselves

I am about to share a novel, brilliant and simple suggestion.  You will not be prepared for it. When you hear it, your shoulders will sink, a weight will be lifted, and you will be filled with lightness and hope.  I think. Ready? Let’s stop talking about judgment and mommy wars.  These things are ridiculous […]

Extreme Parenting

Defined by basic principles of responding to our babies’ and children’s needs, Attachment Parenting is parenting plain and simple. Many choose to call it ‘instinctual’ parenting because it is a form of parenting that has been practiced for millions of years, since the dawn of humankind. “The essence of Attachment Parenting is about forming and nurturing […]

Breastmilk: PR for Babies

Breastfeeding Dads

For the glass of water, and the footrest. For finding the missing tube and moving the plant away from the outlet. For bringing the baby to me even when you knew I needed more sleep. For bagging and freezing all of the milk and washing the “Boppee” cover.  Again. For setting up the pump before […]

Breastfeeding, Jaundice and C-Sections

The johnny was pulled down to my waste exposing my stomach. It was extra fat because my thyroid had been removed a couple of months before.  The fresh scar on my abdomen burned and though the pads had just been changed, I could feel that they would quickly need it again.  After a difficult 30 […]

You Are Invited: A Live Chat About Milksharing

Breastfeeding: Listen Up World, We are Coming Together

World Breastfeeding Week starts tomorrow.  Lots will be shared about the miraculous composition of breastmilk.  We will talk about what it gives to baby, what it does for mother, the diseases it prevents and the ailments that it cures. This will be hard for a lot of people.  Many babies have received very little breastmilk, […]

This Is Attachment Parenting A Video

I really enjoyed creating this.  The goal was to clarify what attachment parenting really looks like.  I hope that you enjoy watching it. (Note that after “interviewing” the kids, there is something different- so hang in there!)  Can you relate?

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