Children are People Today

Children are people today.

Dad Discovers Attachment Parenting

Today’s contribution “Dad Discovers Attachment Parenting”,  to “Attachment Parenting in Real Life” is from Josh at “My Baby-wearing Wife“.  I encourage you to check out his blog, and am grateful to him for this wonderful inaugural post! When my wife and I set out to be parents and create a family, we bought into all […]

What is Attachment Parenting? Knowing More to do Better

Attachment Parenting is becoming more widely practiced and talked about.  You may wonder what it is.  Click each title to read the article. What AP Is:  7 Baby B’s:  “Attachment parenting implies first opening your mind and heart to the individual needs of your baby, and eventually you will develop the wisdom on how to […]

What is Attachment Parenting?

What is Attachment Parenting and how does a family comes to practice it? My husband and I never planned on having our children in bed with us.  Before we came home from the hospital, my oldest sons room was thoughtfully decorated and had a top of the line (ridiculous!) mattress in his crib.  We knew, […]

Parenting Evolution is the Solution: Weekly Round Up

A weekly round up of OMB News, vegan recipes, attachment parenting support, gentle discipline information, and pieces that encourage us to connect with our children. Food Orange Kale Pear Smoothie (kids weren’t big fans, but Kris and I really liked them!) Roasted Corn Chowder (Gluten Free, Vegan)  Definitely double this recipe (at least!) Knowledge Getting […]

Attachment Parenting and Older Children

Some parents do not find out about this kind of parenting until their children are older.  In this piece Hailey talks about Attachment Parenting and Older Children. by Hailey Williamson For any parent that chooses the AP road, this parenting style will keep you on your toes. Constant learning, researching, communicating, and self-exploration can, at […]

Weekly Wrap Up: We Win Facebook! Fridays

A weekly wrap up of posts that you did not get to see on Facebook;  stuff that I found interesting and I think you will too. Food I think it is safe to skip this one this week! Knowledge Children Need Touching and Attention Harvard Researchers Say What’s the Difference Between these Two Brains?  One […]

Bringing My New Daughter Home on Thanksgiving

Bringing my new daughter home on Thanksgiving Day was special. We came home to a fire in the fireplace, Thanksgiving meal delivered by mom, and aunt and big brother waiting for the new arrival. Owen’s first words to Sydney were “Sydney, you’re my very best friend in the whole wide world.” The air was cold, […]

For My Daughter on Her Third Birthday

A Letter For My Daughter on Her Third Birthday by Jennifer Andersen Dear Sydney, Sometimes, when you are upset, all you have to do is put your cheek to mine as as we snuggle and you quickly calm down.  Your body melts into mine and your breath becomes even.  So does mine.  Your arms wrap […]

My Kids Live in a Bubble: Motherhood Moment #7

When this photo was taken, we were at one of our closest friends houses celebrating a special birthday and Halloween.  In the rooms behind me, more than 15 children were playing instruments. Six moms were laughing and talking loud enough to be heard.  Outside of the window children were running and laughing and screaming. Sydney […]

My Daughter is Teething: Comfort when She is Hurting

Don’t Give Up By Katrina Quitugua My daughter is teething. She is getting her first molars, so it has been a rough couple of days. Last night she tossed and she turned, and she turned and she tossed, rarely finding a comfortable position. Around 4am she sat straight up crying. I was tired. At first […]

Go Your Own Way: PR For Babies and Children

New!  Follow my blog with Bloglovin As a mother I have to remind myself of this often. How about you? Join us on our Facebook Page and Twitter for questions and conversations!

Three More Bites or No Dessert: Learning to Parent Respectfully

I threatened and punished my children for too long.  Now, I am learning to parent respectfully. “Three more bites or no dessert”.  “Do what I say, or I will take away your favorite toy.”  I said these things for too long.  It was stressful.  It was tense.  It created anxiety and confusion.  Not just for […]

One Mother’s Experience with Cry It Out

by:  Hailey Williamson When I think of the times that I stood outside that bedroom door listening to my baby fuss and cry, nervously shifting my weight from foot to foot, I feel ashamed. Every instinct in my body wanted to go to him, pick him up, and spend my whole night comforting him at […]

Alone to Confident: Parenting Outside of the Mainstream

When my oldest child was born, I hid.  I kept secret the fact that we shared a bed, that I breastfed him almost around the clock and that I never, ever accepted his crying as necessary. The message from those around me was clear;  babies must cry and sleep on their own.  I was so lonely.  I was scared. […]

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