Support for Nighttime Parenting

This is a message for you moms and dads who need support for nighttime parenting.

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Parent at Night

If it is the beginning for you and feels lonely, know that many have gone before you- feeling like the only one awake with a baby who needs them at 3 AM. And 3:10 AM.

If babyhood has passed and you are frustrated because this is when you were supposed to get your nights back; to watch TV or read a book- know that there are many of us who have shifted our lives and our thoughts to have a kiddo with us around the clock.

If you keep secret the later bed time of your child and don’t tell your mother-in-law that you still nurse your 2 year old in the middle of the night, have confidence that you are doing the right thing. Even if you are not confident saying it out loud.

Researchers, psychologists and mothers all attest that our children need us at night, too.

So even though it’s lonely, and media would have you believe that something different should be done, know that you are not alone. Not at 3am as you nurse, or 10pm as you read stories. You are never really alone.

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4 Replies to “Support for Nighttime Parenting”

  1. My daughter started sleeping AT night at 4 months. But actually through the night? two years old is when she night-weaned. I thought and think it’s totally normal and wish others didn’t view it as weird! 🙁

    I find it strange that people expect babies to sleep alone all night but don’t generally do it themselves… They sleep with their spouse.

  2. Thanks for this! My MIL doesn´t know that DD (almost 2.5) nurses in the night. It is already hard enough that she knows we all sleep in one bed! 😉 I know that she wants to sleep next to us at night, and even though some nights it is a little hard, the vast majority of nights it is so so lovely and precious to cuddle with her all night long. 🙂

  3. Thank you, my little boy is not into sleep and he loves our bed more than his own and it gets really hard sometimes. This made me a bit weepy to read, but then I am 8 months pregnant haha.