5 Posts About Gentle Discipline

Sometimes we want to read a bunch in a row. Here are 4 posts about gentle discipline.

Our Get Along Shirt

Think that the “Our Get Along Shirt” is a good idea?  Today’s Guest Post by Dr. Laura Markham of AhaParenting.com explains that it encourages our children to suppress their emotions rather than teaching them problem solving skills.

5 Changes I have made for My Children

But what have you done to make things better? It is a really good question.  So good that I had to take time to reflect on it, and the answer is too big to answer in the comments section of this blog.

10 Ways to Defuse a Tense Situation with your Kids

“The hairiest moments with our kids can often be diffused more easily than we think!  Below are 10 Ways to Defuse a Tense Situation with your Kids.”

Why I am Learning to Discipline Gently

“And now I can clearly see that I need to learn more; about child development and what my children are developmentally capable of, and about why my kids act the way that they do.  Because with each new piece of information that I learn, my patience increases and my interactions with my children become more respectful.”

Quick Start Guide: Rethinking Discipline

A concise collection of articles about rethinking discipline.

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