Nurturing Empathy in Children

A selection of articles discussing nurturing empathy in children and why it is important.

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Nurturing Empathy in Children  “A strong sense of empathy allows children to make decisions that are right for them without hurting others or seeking approval or acceptance. This may strengthen them against negative peer pressure and a range of maladaptive behaviors such as substance abuse, bullying, narcissism, aggression or violence against others.” Click here to read.

Want Empathetic Children?  Take Joy in Empathy.   “This is why it’s impossible to spoil an infant by responding to him or her—and why punishment doesn’t make bullies into nicer people.  If you want empathetic kids, the best thing to do is to be an empathetic person and show kids why kindness matters.”  Click here to read.

Teaching Empathy Tips  OMB Note:  #9 is of particular interest to me.  It seems possible that this is an explanation for why parents allow their babies to cry and choose circumcision.  Click here to read.

Please Help My Kid On the Playground  This is an OMB piece and I hope that you will share it widely.  I believe that though it is a lonely road, we must continue to remind people that kids really are people deserving of respect and compassion. Click here to read.

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