The War Against Bedsharing Knowing More to Do Better

There is a common theme in the war against bedsharing, and it has nothing to do with beds.  As you will see from the pieces below, those who generalize bedsharing as unsafe clearly believe that parents are uneducable. As Dr. McKenna points out, this is a social decision and has nothing to do with science.

Knowing More to Do Better“The War on Bedsharing Continues”  by Uncommon John  “I think that the anti-bed-sharing lobby thinks it’s too complicated to explain these things to parents, plus they think bedsharing is weird and unneccessary. (You know, these researchers slept alone in their cots as babies and they’re all fine… sort of thing. Yeah, exception for their scientific tunnel vision.) So, they think it’s best to simply tell all parents to never bedshare, completely ignoring the biological and social absurdity of telling mothers to breastfed and then warning them to never sleep with their babies”.  Click here to read more.

“Co-sleeping is absolutely a normative human behavior” James McKenna: Starting at 8:00 there is an important message shared.

Press Release Re:  Carpenter et. al. Bedsharing Studies by Evolutionary Parenting:  “Furthermore, it is misguided and dangerous to argue if bedsharing were recognized as a means of supporting breastfeeding, then we would see more SIDS events. Even more dangerous is to abandon support of breastfeeding in favour of supporting bottlefeeding if it were to detour bedsharing.”  Click here to read more.

An excellent response to a fear mongering campaign which was a true injustice to families in Milwaukee:

Click here for safe cosleeping guidelines

2 Replies to “The War Against Bedsharing Knowing More to Do Better”

  1. We have co-slept with all 7 of our children and will continue to sleep with our newest arrival. It has made a difference in all our lives and our breastfeeding relationship. I am only commenting because I live just 20 min N of Milwaukee and I see these stories on the news ALL THE TIME! I thought I had heard Dr McKenna mention one time that no baby that was breastfed had ever died in a bedsharing incident. I cannot imagine that most of these families that have had their baby die in Milwaukee are breastfeeding. I think it would be safe to assume that they are formula fed babies, and as the doctor states in the video, they are not even all dying in a bed. Couches, recliners, beds with several siblings, sleeping with grandparents, etc. So I think the parents in Milwaukee DO need to learn that their practice is unsafe for their baby, in their circumstances. Just my 2 cents.

    • I have always shared a bed with my children. What if the house caught fire and I couldn’t get to them? What if there were an intruder and we needed to get out or hide? What if my baby stopped breathing? I have to feel them when I sleep so I know they are safe and so they know that they are safe too. That is why your baby cries when you leave them alone I’m the dark…they have no way of knowing they are safe and you can’t predict with complete certainty that they will be.