Resources for White Parents Who Will Confront Racism

We white parents find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. If we did not know before, recent events have shown us clearly that racism is no better today than it was 50 or 60 years ago. That’s hard to hear. Learning that our country was not built on freedom and equality for all, but freedom and equality for […]

Racism: What Do We White People Say to Our Kids?

The atrocity in Charlottesville should have more conversations about racism than ever happening in white families. It is uncomfortable, though. Many of us are just learning how we perpetuate racism and that we ourselves are racist. Shouldn’t we get a grasp of things before we start talking about it with our children? The answer is crystal […]

Unconditional Love: Are Our Children Getting It?

In theory, we all agree that children should be loved unconditionally and accepted for who they are. They should not reconfigure themselves so that they can receive the full love and affection of their parents. By being born our children, they should have our unconditional love. We all agree, right? Well yes, in theory. In reality though, how […]

Homeschool Socialization: The Irony of this Question is Lost on Most

Homeschool socialization has been talked about a zillion times. Homeschool parents know what a ridiculous question it is, but we all get it at some point (s) when we tell someone we homeschool. The question about homeschool socialization comes in different forms, such as “but what about socialization?” “I’d just worry about socialization” or “I don’t […]

I Like My Kids: I Have Never Cared About Being In Fashion Anyway

I go to bed at night excited because I get to wake up the next morning and spend the day with my kids. Every. Day.  It has not always been this way, but it has been for the last few years and now that I know how this feels I can’t imagine ever choosing another way. […]

Does Forcing Kids to Say I’m Sorry Make Sense?

Forcing kids to say I’m sorry does not add up. We can not make kids regret something. We cannot force them to internalize that they hurt somebody. We can ask questions that help develop empathy. We can help them see things from the perspectives of others. We can teach them verbiage to use when they do […]

How I am Learning to Keep My Cool When My Child is Melting Down

Recently, I’ve been working on being a grown-up. I have stopped acting like real life will start next week or next month and realized that this is it. It is happening now. This has led to more thought, intention, responsibility, and the way I interact with people- including here on OMB. It has also extended […]

Moving Away From Family: My Family’s Journey Toward Living By Design

I was almost 40 before I knew living by design was an option. Now that I know, my family is moving toward it. Our family is at a crossroads. We have been living in Denver for a couple of years. We like Denver. There are neat things happening. The scenery is gorgeous. The weather is ideal […]

Quick Start Guide: What is Unschooling?

First let me be clear; when it comes to “what is unschooling?” there is no quick start. These guides are a collection of topical articles I initially put together for my husband. He is not a big reader. He appreciates having a few articles that I have hand picked to read about a topic that […]

I Am Learning that Motherhood is Neither Mundane Nor Inequitable

I captured this moment so I would remember. The size of her hands. The too small PJs that are still her favorite. The morning sun streaming through our window onto her workspace. That she loves for me to sit with her and talk while she creates. I picked up my phone to collect a moment. […]

Keep Posting the Good on Facebook: Their Negativity Has Nothing to Do With You

Do you ever have people in your Facebook feed (or even real life) who claim that the people who only post positive things are pretending their life is perfect? This has baffled me for years. I could not wrap my head around why it would bother somebody that a friend shares only positive things.  I […]

Not Parenting and Understanding That Children are People are Two Different Things

Okay. There are lazy parents. There are parents who don’t know what to do so they do nothing. There are parents who just plain don’t feel like dealing, so they don’t. There are parents who are trying to make up for something so they say “yes” to everything in an attempt to do so. None […]

Unschooling Chat #3 with Jennifer McGrail of The Path Less Taken

These chats keep getting better and better! I am so grateful to Jen for taking time to share her experience and wisdom with us. You can view our 3rd Unshooling Chat here: Here is access to audio only:

Best Hotel Pool United States: My Vote

I don’t usually vote publicly on things like this but for this I had to. Check out what gets my vote for Best Hotel Pool United States!  My 7 year old, 9 year old, husband and I were equally excited to check our the brand new Marriott Marquis Houston. We looked at the website. We ogled the […]

5 Reasons to Attend the Free to Be Unschooling Conference

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “conference” I think: huge time commitment, a lot of wasted time between sessions, and a lot of sessions that are not great. Almost 4 years ago though, I knew my family needed to be enveloped in the Unschooling life, so when I was asked […]

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