A Response to “The” Time Magazine Article

I was hopeful that the recent Time Magazine article would be positive exposure for a strong parenting choice, and now I feel deflated.

And as I was just sitting here with my head in my hands I caught a glimpse of my laptop. And I brightened up.

Because it reminded me that I am not alone. I thought of how many of us there are who are wondering how somebody could describe our beautiful parenting choices in such a lousy way.

And this reminded me of the importance of sharing the accuracies and the truths of our day to day lives as Attachment Parents.

It inspired me to share that I value being at home with my children more than working.  Not because I am incapable, have little to contribute or a weak work ethic, but because it is here that I believe is my greatest investment.

To unapologetically admit that yes, my child sometimes does not want to leave my side; when he is nervous or anxious or scared or uncertain.  And I am glad that I choose to be there with him when he needs me, so that he can learn how to navigate unfamiliar situations.

That I see how comfortable, well adjusted, confident and loving my children are as I watch them order their own meals at restaurants,choose their own clothing, and offer to help put the laundry away.  And I know that they are becoming self sufficient and understand boundaries.

To share that when my child has a nightmare, it is good that his dad’s hand gently rubs his back and that he snuggles in closer for comfort. And to acknowledge that with every part of my being I know this is where my son belongs.

To profess that we mothers do not blindly follow any leader like a bunch of transfixed sheep, but that we are grateful for somebody giving us proof that our intuitions are good and should be trusted.

And maybe most importantly, that though I was overwhelmed with being a new mother, it was not because AP pushers knocked at my door telling me there is only one way to raise my children.  My anxiety came from being told that  I was holding my baby too much, or that if I put him in bed with me he would die.

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