7 Awesome Denver Holiday Activities

Awesome denver holidays

7 Awesome Denver Holiday Activities

We all know about the Parade, the Christkindle Market and the shows, but there are so many other cool things for Denver families to do to feel the Holiday spirt. Here are 7 awesome Denver Holiday activities you may not have considered:

1. The Royal Gorge Railroad Okay, it’s not in Denver. In fact, it’s a bit of a hike. But the drive is beautiful and the experience is unique. It is so worth the trip. Take a look at what our trip was like by clicking here. Click here for ticket info and reservations.

2. Illumination Light Show at Jellystone Park Looking for something you can do on a weeknight while staying warm and snuggly in your car? Pack some hot chocolate and blankets and head for Larkspur!

Over 250,000 lights await you along with a light tunnel with synchronized music and a 40′ spinning Christmas tree. Don’t feel like bringing Hot Cocoa? Stop in the ranger station after and purchase some there (along with s’mores and a craft) and get your picture taken with Yogi Clause.

The Illumination Show is available on the weekend too, and Jellystone Park has a couple of other (really neat!) Holiday offerings. Check them out by clicking here. Get pricing and ticketing info for the Illumination Show by clicking here.

3. Ice Skating at DIA Seriously. A skating rink at the airport. It may seem counterintuitive to head to the airport to ice skate, but you won’t think twice once you are out on the ice watching passengers head for their flights. Parking is not free but skates, ice time, and even some instruction (sometimes) are. Open from 9-9 through

Gingerbread House at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs
Photo Courtesy of The Broadmoor Hotel

4. Elf Training Camp This feels like a Holiday Gala for children and their families. It is an excellent way to spend a day. Complete with carols, delicious fondue, and fancy festive tents, Elf Training will leave everyone feeling in the Holiday spirit. Click here to read about our day of Elf Training.

5. Denver Botanic Gardens Blossoms of Lights I am not sure if anything makes me feel more festive than lots and lots of colored lights! If you agree, the display at the Denver Botanic Gardens might be for you.

Pop on special viewing glasses and let your ears take in the sounds wafting through the Gardens as you explore the beauty that surrounds you. This is a family friendly event and Hot Chocolate is available to warm you up while you stroll. Click here for tickets, pricing, and photos.

6. Broadmoor Hotel Feeling fancy this time of year is festive! Whether you are looking for a day trip or an overnight, pulling up to the Broadmoor is always spectacular. The grounds are lovely to explore in the summer and for the Holidays the Broadmoor is transformed into a festive destination.

From walking around looking at the decorations -including a life size gingerbread house- to having breakfast with Santa (hotel guests and members only) or taking in the Holiday Show, a day or weekend spent here is sure to put you in the spirit. Click here for information about all the Broadmoor offers this Holiday Season.

7. Oxford Hotel/Union Station (Short) Walking Tour This is one of our favorite Holiday outings. We head for Union Station and walk as much as we feel like it. Two stops that are for sure are Union Station itself and the Oxford Hotel. Order a hot chocolate, watch the people come and go, and admire the beautiful tree and lights at Union Station.

When you are done, walk over the the Oxford Hotel. The window decorations are lovely and the festiveness continues inside. If you are up for it, ask the front desk staff to tell you about the haunted history of the hotel, then grab a glass of wine from The Cruise Room (Denver’s first post-prohibition bar) and a seat by the fireplace. We bring the kids’ devices in case they get bored, but usually they are happy to sit and look at all the decorations and wood burning fire.

The hotel is offering special packages for Winter Nights and City Lights. Click here to check them out.

What other activities/events around Denver do you attend to get in the Holiday spirit? Will you share them in the comments? 

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