Romance in Marriage is Different than I Expected

My husband and I had to go on a retreat before we got married. One of the seminars was about romance looking different than we expect. It’s not that I didn’t believe it, I just didn’t understand it.

Now, I do.

Each morning Kris gets my coffee all ready so that all I have to do is push power when I come downstairs. He always makes sure one of my two favorite mugs is clean and ready, too. Even when we’re fighting.

Romance in Marriage is Different than I expected by Jennifer Andersen

Romance in Marriage is Different than I expected by Jennifer Andersen

I try to do the same for him, but I forget a lot. When I told Kris that I feel badly about this, he shifted my perspective. He shared his gratitude for being able to go to bed when he’s ready-which is much earlier than the kids and I- rather than having to wait until one of the kids are ready, too.

Kris rarely brings me flowers, and I don’t cook fancy dinners. I suspect coffee and sleep are examples of the romance our counselors were speaking of. At least in our house.

They were right.

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