Mightynest Eco Friendly Lunch to Go: Earth Day Giveaway #2!

Giveaway number 2 of our EARTH DAY EXTRAVAGANZA! From Mightynest comes a complete Eco Friendly Lunch To Go set up for you to reduce and reuse while LIVING! With Kids! Whether it is Park Day, a trip to the Museum, or a hike in the woods, here you have everything you need to pack a yummy and SAFE lunch!


We try to teach our kids to celebrate Earth Day each and every day by taking small, simple steps to help the environment. Packing a waste free lunch for your kids and explaining why you’re doing it sets a great example. Small actions add up, and can make a big impression! Take the pledge below, and you could win great waste free lunch gear from MightyNest!


In honor or Earth Day, Pledge to make your lunches waste-free and you could win almost everything you need from MightyNest worth over $100! Then take more simple but mighty actions for a healthier home and planet in MightyNest for School’s Earth Day Challenge. Rally your school community to win a piece of the $4000 cash prize pie!

Winner receives one of everything pictured (color may vary):

Take the pledge to enter:

I received the above set as compensation for sharing, and I LOVE it!

‘That Latch Looks Fine’: Breastfeeding Through Lip and Tongue Tie Scepticism.

'That Latch Looks Fine': Breastfeeding Through Lip and Tongue Tie Scepticism. by Andrea Nielsen-Vold OurMudyBoots.com

There's one issue that I don't think many can appreciate without having been through it, and that is trying to breastfeed a tongue and lip tied baby. Although there are many levels of what ties look and act like, one thing they all generally have to overcome is scepticism that they A) are actually something that exists, and that B) they actually … Continue Reading...

Flight Safety Speech Anything But Boring!

funny flight attendant

Most frequent travelers are guilty of it- tuning out the flight attendant who is trying to keep us safe during our flight. But come on, many of us can recite the safety information ourselves! Though we feel bad ignoring anybody, we do. Listening to the same words over and over again is boring... not so aboard a Southwest flight with attendant Marty … Continue Reading...

Must Watch: Logan LaPlante, 13, On Health and Happiness

Logan LaPlante, 13, Discusses Prioritizing Health and Happiness: You Must Watch This Kid! by Jennifer Andersen OurMuddyBoots.com

While watching Logan LaPlante, one can only feel inspired and hopeful. How can a 13 year old kid be so articulate? How can his thoughts be so clear, concise, and communicated so well? Maybe because they are his. It seems that these are ideas, realizations, and experiences that LaPlante has had on his own. Rather than being told what to say and … Continue Reading...

Eco Lunchbox Giveaway!

#EarthDay Giveaway Extravaganza on OurMuddyBoots.com

Earth Day Giveaway Extravaganza! This is the first of FIVE giveaways from OurMuddy Boots.com- all are offered to help you reduce and reuse while LIVING! with kids! Giveaway #1: Enter to win one of everything you see here, from Our Muddy Boots and Eco Lunchbox (colors may vary). 1 Stainless Steel Solo Cube 1 Stainless Steel Little Dipper 1 … Continue Reading...

Must Watch: 24 Job Applicants See Parenthood Differently

Must Watch: 24 Job Applicants See parenthood Differently  by Jennifer Andersen OurMuddyBoots.com

Watch first, then I'll share my thoughts. What I Do not Like: I wish it referenced "parent", instead of "mother", because this applies to dads, too (not just my kids' dad, but LOADS of dads) I wish the hashtag was #worldsbestjob, to set us up for success, instead of #worldstoughestjob, which is negative, and in my experience, not … Continue Reading...

Love Or Want to Know New England? Giveaway!


From Little Beach Books come two gorgeous, creative and fun stories about two New England States.  Both illustrated by Nicole Fazio, "My Maine" by Suzanne Buzby  Hersey and "My Massachusetts" by Elisabeth Villa offer kids and parents alike an introduction to life in these states.  From landmarks and notable scenery, to climate, and history, these … Continue Reading...

A Road Trip Through My Daughter’s Eyes

It is tempting to tell our children what they see, but it is beautiful to listen to them tell us.

It is tempting to tell our children what they see, but it is beautiful to listen to them tell us. A family road trip reminded me of this. I'm watching Sydney watch the changing scenery through the window of our van. We have traveled 650 miles in just over a day. We have moved through ever changing scenery; desert turned to forest, cacti … Continue Reading...

Does the Paddle Instill Respect? A Navy Guy’s Thoughts on Spanking

Does the Paddle Command Respect? A Navy Guy's Thoughts on Spanking by Nate Lopez OurMuddyBoots.com

I am honored to share this guest post with you today. This is a contribution to the "No Spank Challenge" hosted by Amy Bryant, of Parenting Beyond Punishment. Click here to register for this free event. Kids are people too. Yes they’re short, and stubborn, and infuriating at times. But they’re still people who demand respect. I think … Continue Reading...

The Business of Baby Book Giveaway

The Business of Baby Book Giveaway! OurMuddyBoots.com

Receiving the news that we will soon become a parent is powerful. We have visions of what life with our new baby will look like. We picture our baby's entrance to the world- it is filled with love, beauty, and joy. For most families in the US though, these visions are quickly stolen from us. Though it is hard to believe, our baby's grand … Continue Reading...

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