Best Hotel Pool United States: My Vote

I don’t usually vote publicly on things like this but for this I had to. Check out what gets my vote for Best Hotel Pool United States! 

My 7 year old, 9 year old, husband and I were equally excited to check our the brand new Marriott Marquis Houston. We looked at the website. We ogled the pictures. We wondered how they could have a lazy river in the shape of Texas… on the roof! We all tried to imagine what it would look like. I did not imagine it would get my vote as Best Hotel Pool United States.

best hotel pool united states

We have stayed at a LOT of hotels. We’ve been swimming in a LOT of rooftop pools. Here is my vote for Best Hotel Pool United States!

We had never even been to Houston before so there was a lot to consider. As much as we looked at images and tried to imagine what it would look like, nothing could have prepared us for stepping out on the veranda that leads to the expansive pool deck.

It’s laughable to call it a pool deck. This is an urban oasis. Palm trees, cabanas, comfortable loungers, hot tub, service, bar and restaurant, infinity pool, and a lazy river. A lazy river shaped like Texas. All. On. The. Roof. This means you are surrounded by the Houston skyline. It is surreal.

From our first moment in this oasis, I wondered if we would make it to the Space Station- our main reason for visiting Houston. I knew none of us would want to leave the property!

This was like nothing we had ever experienced- and we have stayed at a lot of Marriott hotels in the US. We have played at resorts on Maui, relaxed at retreats in Tucson, and breathed the ocean air at seaside hotels in Newport. We have been swimming in many rooftop pools. The pool deck at the Marriott Marquee Houston is in a category all its own.

Night swimming takes on a whole new meaning on this rooftop oasis. Another reason I vote for this as Best Hotel Pool United States!

Where else can you have the serenity of an infinity pool, the fun of a lazy river, palm trees, and the city energy of a skyline surrounding you all in one place? If you know of another place in the US, please let me know so we can visit! This is why the Marriott Marquis Houston gets my vote as the Best Hotel Pool United States.

best hotel pool 3

This. Is. On. The. Roof! It’s amazing and why it gets my vote as Best Hotel Pool United States

One of the things I especially love about the lazy river is how much fun grown-ups have in it. It was not the goofy-had-one-too-many-and-I-am-going-to-act-like-a-jerk fun, it was real, authentic, feeling like a kid again fun. It was neat to feel and see.

My favorite spot in the entire hotel is the western most point of the Texas lazy river. It is at this spot that El Paso also becomes infinite. While you relax on your tube under the night sky, you can see so much of Houston through the plexiglass- which is the only thing between you and the city of Houston. I spent hours there.

We did tear ourselves away to make it to the Space Station (awesome!) and coming “home” to this urban oasis was such a treat. We will happily visit Houston again- just to stay at this hotel. This Marriott Marquis Houston is worth the trip all on its own.

If you visit, please share photos!

Author’s Note: The entirety of the Marriott Marquis Houston is enormous and spectacular. I may write a post about the hotel itself, it is certainly worthy. I had to take this space to focus on the remarkable aquatic deck! 


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