Eating to Feel Good: Clean Plant Based Meal Plan Week 1


  • Firstly, as I said, I have never done anything like this, so bear with me as I learn!
  • I am all about easy. I will have the same Nutriblast and shake every day, and will use store bought stuff whenever I can.
  • We may not need everything listed on this menu. I find that offering my kids healthy snacks and meals throughout the day is good, though.
  • This is my meal plan for the week. Maybe you don’t like it. Maybe you can make a better one. That’s all okay :)
  • This is what my family and I will be eating this week (I have things like perogies in the freezer and boxed mac and cheese in the cupboard in case my kids don’t like any of these recipes. I will keep going until I find stuff that they enjoy, too).
  • I hope that you find some of the recipes/ideas useful. Constructive feedback and other plant-based, clean recipe suggestions welcome!
  • Eating to Feel Better: Week 1 Meal Plan Clean Plant Based Eating

    Eating to Feel Better: Week 1 Meal Plan Clean Plant Based Eating

Monday (we will be out all day, so I needed something we could bring on the go):

Hot Water with Lemon and Ginger


Morning Glory Nutriblast


1-2 Handfuls Spinach

1 Avocado

1 C Strawberries

1 C Mango

1/4 C Gogi Berries (find at your health food store. I use dried.)

Fruit and Veggie Capsule Contents

Blast together!

Snack: Store bought hummus with celery and carrots

Lunch: Green and veggie salad with oil and vinegar and a Plant Based Protein Shake (1 scoop powder with 1 C almond or coconut milk) (I am bringing PB&J for the kids)

Snack: Cut up apple and Orange

Dinner: One Pot Mexican Quinoa Click here for recipe


Breakfast: (same as Monday)

Snack: Smoothie


1 handful greens (I use super greens)

1 banana

1 T Flax Seeds (I put them in whole- my Nurtibullet grinds them)

Handful ice

1 C. Almond Milk

1 scoop Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder

Fruit and Veggie Capsule Contents

Lunch: Vegan Bowl Click here for recipe

Snack: Celery and Apple with Peanut Butter

Dinner: Potato Quinoa Patties with Chana Masala Click here for recipe


Breakfast: Nutriblast (recipe above)

Snack: Smoothie


1 handful greens (I use super greens)

1 banana

1 T Flax Seeds (I put them in whole- my Nurtibullet grinds them)

Handful ice

1 C. Almond Milk

1 scoop Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder

Fruit and Veggie Capsule Contents


Big green salad with peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, chick peas, walnuts, and store bought dressing. I use this one:

Tessemae's Vegan Dressings are as clean as I can find, without making them myself! They are so good!

Tessemae’s Vegan Dressings are as clean as I can find, without making them myself! They are so good!

Snack: Tomato slices with guacamole, salt, and pepper.

Dinner: Leftovers


Breakfast: Nutriblast (recipe above)

Snack: Banana, Nuts

Lunch: Vegan Bowl Click here for recipe

Snack: Plant based protein shake (1 scoop powder, 1 C almond or coconut milk)

Dinner: Crunchy Cabbage Salad with garlic snow peas Click here for Garlic Snow Peas Recipe


Breakfast: Nutriblast (recipe above)

Snack: Hummus with Peppers and Celery

Lunch: Big green salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, red kidney beans, and store bought dressing.

Snack: Shake (1 scoop plant based protein powder, 1 C. almond or coconut milk)

Dinner: Soup (I am tripling this recipe so that we have it for the weekend!) I really just throw a bunch of stuff into a pot with herbs and spices when I make soup, but I don’t keep recipes, so…. here is one you can use. I find that with enough veggies and time to simmer, I can use water instead of vegetable broth. If you want, you can add cannelloni or dark red kidney beans to make it heartier. Click here for a recipe. 

Saturday and Sunday: (We will still eat out on Saturday night :) )

1 Nutriblast daily

1 plant based protein shake daily

Cut up veggies with hummus




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