Enter to Win Reusable Snack Bags from Zookaboo

Ditch the plastic in style! Handmade reusable snack bags from Zookaboo.com are cute, functional, and practical! Just look at some of the available prints:

Zookaboo 1

These bags are a great size, zip, and are versatile! Use them for snacks, make-up, legos-to-go, or organizing at home.  The zipper keeps everything contained, no matter how much they role around in your tote!.

The best part about these bags though, is that they are handmade by Mama Michele Zook. From diaper covers to baby pants, Michele crafts all sorts of wonderful, and Eco friendly things. Supporting Etsy Shop owners is important- these are folks who have spent a lot of time improving their craft, and many have found a way to support their families while staying home with their children.

I encourage you to enter this giveaway, share it with as may people as you can, and peruse the terrific inventory at Zookaboo.com by clicking here.  Let’s help get the word out about these great products, and support a fellow parent at the same time!

From Owner Michele Zook:

“Zookaboo is a small family owned and operator business based in PA run from my home.   Every item is hand cut, hand sewn, packaged and shipprf by me.  I care about my customers and rely on their support of small businesses, so customer service is a priority.  I personally take care of all customer service needs, as well.  Zookaboo primarily produces baby and toddler clothing. Our full inventory can be found at www.zookaboo.com

Enter to win here:

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