Keep Posting the Good on Facebook: Their Negativity Has Nothing to Do With You

Do you ever have people in your Facebook feed (or even real life) who claim that the people who only post positive things are pretending their life is perfect?

Keep Posting the Good on Facebook: Their Negativity Has Nothing to do With you by Jennifer Andersen

This has baffled me for years. I could not wrap my head around why it would bother somebody that a friend shares only positive things.  I finally think I understand.

In my experience, the people who complain about this typically post about all the “horrors” going on in their own life (having a cold-AGAIN!, having to go to the grocery store, their house being a mess and not having a fairy to clean it for them, not being able to take a month long trip to Bali…) these are people who look for the negative. It’s the basis of their whole world.

When someone posts pictures of their happy smiling kids, and things that make readers smile, the negativity seeker seems convinced the poster is lying- who could have that many positive things happen to them in a day or a week?!

They seem to miss the point that while nobody’s life is perfect, those who look for good things find them, and those who look for bad things find them. They seem to seek out the negative, and those who will reinforce that the world is a bad, horrible place- that only a lucky few get to live in positivity.

It has nothing to do with Facebook, really. It’s how they are in their offline life too, in my experience.

Like with all things, the onus falls on us to take in information appropriately. If we see someone (blogger, friend, whomever) posting only positive things, why does that mean that they are pretending their life is perfect? It does not. It may mean that they believe putting good out in the world begets good. It may mean that this individual understands the more attention we give negativity, the more negativity we find.

No matter what it means, if we find ourselves angry that somebody else’s life even appears good (or better than our own) it’s worth some reflection. Evaluating why another’s happiness makes us angry may be the start of making our lives (and therefore the lives of our children!) better.

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