Want an Awesome Diaper Bag/Tote for Babies or Older Kids?! Enter to win a Boken Diaper Bag!

My earliest memory of loving bags is second grade. My teacher was an Avon rep., and she brought into our class about 200 bags that were used for delivering product. They came in all sizes- from teeny tiny, to much larger.  The small ones were so cute, and the bigger ones held so much! There was a size for everything! I took as many as I could home.

As I have worked toward simplifying life, bags (of all kinds) are the hardest thing for me to part with, and the hardest item to stop collecting. I love them. Seriously. So I think of the above memory often.

The most recent addition to my collection is the Boken Diaper Bag- and I love it! It’s perfect for my family- with two older children. I can fit our water bottles, sweatshirts, books, iPad, headphones, extra clothing… and the bag is lightweight, and folds into a pouch, which makes it great for travel.

Enter to win a Boken Diaper Bag!

Enter to win a Boken Diaper Bag!

For those with babies, the Boken offers a massive changing pad, and numerous pockets both inside and outside for storing diapers, food,  blankets, and all those little things that make it into the family diaper bag. The Boken is convenient for other reasons, too- like having three different ways to carry it: messenger style, as a tote, or on your back (complete with straps), which makes it perfect for baby wearing!

Chilling at the park with our Boken!

Chilling at the park with our Boken!

We love our new bag. It’s perfect for our on-the-go and traveling family, and now you can enter to win one:
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See?! Perfect for traveling!

See?! Perfect for traveling!

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